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Hello everybody, it's been a while.

It has been kind of a difficult year, but I won't bore you with the specifics and go staight to the point:

Commissions are resuming this Monday, 26 of October, 2015 (Central Time Zone or UTC−06:00).

Please be sure to re-read the commissions rules journal before asking for a commission:

Highlights of what has changed are:

- For the time being, colour commissions will not be taken, sorry.

- Comic commissions will still cost 15 dollars per page, but the price will cover only sketch quality (it was technnically always like this, but I never fully enforced it). Any further refinement will have an additional cost. If you have any doubts about this change, please send me your questions via a note.

You may send me your commission requests as soon as this journal is published, but work won't start until the date mentioned above.

Thank you.

Commission Status: Closed until new notice.

Currently working on:

1. :iconchiefjudge: - 100%
2. :iconmegamanmodelt101: - 100%
3. :iconultikiller456: - 100%
4. :iconnotmyrealname2: - 100%
5. :iconhellsender: - 100%
6. :iconchiefjudge: -100%

Request Status: Closed.

Currently working on:

1. :iconmegamanmodelt101: - 100%
2. :iconAio-chan: - 100%
3. :
iconUltikiller456: - 100%
4. :iconhellsender: - 100%

Request Status: Closed.
I have been wanting to take a break for a while.

People who messaged me before the publication of this journal entry will have their commissions done before I begin my break.

Once the last of them get their commissions made, I'll begin a break that will roughly last a couple of months. Once the break ends I will be able to work on commissions again.

Thank you very much.

Commission info:…

Commission Status: Temporarily Closed

Currently working on:

1. :iconaio-chan: - 100%
2. :iconhooha-man: - 100%
3. :iconcrimson-hairess: - 100%
4. :iconmegamanmodelt101: - 100%

Request Status: Closed until further notice.
Commission info:…

Currently working on:
1. :iconaio-chan: - 100 %
2. :iconnotmyrealname2: - 100 %
3. :iconhalf-demon-cali: - 100 %

Request Status: Closed until further notice.
Commission info:…

Commission Status: Open

Currently working on:
1. :iconnotmyrealname2: - 100%
2. Omega: - 100%
3. (Place Reserved) - 100%

Request Status: Closed until further notice.
Commission info:…

Commission Status: Open

Currently working on:
1. Anonymous - 100%
2. :icona-mad-god: - 100%
3. :iconnotmyrealname2: - 100%
4. :icondragryphon: -Commission cancelled

Request Status: Closed until further notice.
Commission info:…

Commission Status: Open

Currently working on:
1. Omega - 100%
2. Anonymous -100%
3. :icondragryphon: - Sent to next list
4. :iconnotmyrealname2: - 100%
5. :icona-mad-god: - 100%

Request info: IMPORTANT: Requests! For a limited time, I will be taking requests, Exclusively of characters from My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic series, over this irc channel: at the #EquestrianStudy room. Once a week.

Next session: Friday, March the 23rd, 22:00 h US central time. Suspended until new notice.

Request Status: Open in the place, day and hour mentioned above.
COMMISSION STATUS: Temporarily closed until new notice.


I mostly specialize on fanart of animated series and comics.

I, however, won't make commissions with mature content. I'm not opposed to all of it by principle, but currently, I won't be taking anything with any kind of mature content.

I reserve the right to refuse a commission for reasons not explained above.


Prices listed are flexible. They may vary based on complexity and image dimensions. From the 21st of April, 2014 onward, you are required to cover paypal fees with the commission price

All prices are in US dollars. My only accepted method is Paypal.

Following prices assume characters fitting the width of a letter sized piece of paper (8.5 inches) when standing.

Sketch (pencil or digital):  5 dollars per character.
Examples: Aya Shameimaru by endlessnostalgia Marisa Drawn in that Pose by endlessnostalgia

Pencil drawing: 15 dollars per character.
Examples: Commission - Yumeko Asagiri Hardsuit in Action by endlessnostalgia Commission - Meg as a Valkyrie by endlessnostalgia

Colored drawing, cel shaded: (all digital): Currently unavailable, sorry.

Colored drawing, soft shaded: (all digital): Currently unavailable, sorry.

Comic page (Strictly sketch quality. If you need something more detailed, the price per page will go up depending on the needs): Starts at 15 dollars each. Price is likely to rise depending on the panel number or content.

* "Character" refers to quantity, not identity. If a particular character appears, twice, three times, etc., then the commission is considered as having one, two, etc. additional characters.
* I may put a limit to the amount of additional characters if I consider it necessary, but I will allow a minimum of 3 additionals per commission.
* Simple, small characters (like ponies:
Sylia Stingray - Ponified 1 by endlessnostalgia Erebus, the Ancient Horror by endlessnostalgia)
can get up to 50% off as long as they are kept simple (no clothes or very complex designs). Starting with the publication of this journal this discount only applies to additional characters, so the minimum to pay per commission is still 5 dollars
* With the exception of comic pages, prices don't include backgrounds or very large/complex props. I will make an extra charge depending on the complexity of said features. Backgrounds cost a minimum of 10 dollars if it's some kind of scenery.
* For anything not described above (like alternative drawing techniques, sizes, etc.), just ask me and I'll be glad to inform you.


For sketches, I will require full payment before starting. For the other kinds of drawings, I will require at least half of the full price to be paid before starting, then the other half before delivering the finished drawing.

Unless, for whatever reason, I decide that I cannot finish your commission, I cannot offer refunds.

If you have any questions about the commissions, feel free to send me a note, and I'll gladly respond.
Commission info: Flexible (send me a note to discuss).

Status: Closed - Opening again late in January EDIT: Moved to mid February. I have some business that I need to finish before opening again. I apologize for the delay.

Currently working on:
1. Anonymous 2. -------------Finished
2. :iconzekaire-aquanimus:-Finished
I'd like to write something, but I think I'll let the gallery speak for itself.